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Customoffers.net, creating your Cutsom Offer Done-For-You!

Have you ever wanted to create a money tree?

guru for hire

And have a cool product on the internet that who knows, was even a little wierd trick for that?  Maybe the thought of creating that product is too daunting?  You don’t have time? Because you do other things?


Let me tell you, from personally having put up my own Clickbank product, there are a lot of things that need to be right for success! guru for hire

The bad news until now was that if you just threw a product up on ClickBank without knowing what you are doing, you had ZERO chance!  Success comes in the preparation and know-how…AND the connections. Or the TEAM of fighter jets at your arsenal….


You are in Luck

Jamie Lewis with Guru For Hire team has just that. Jamie Lewis has a new Site Production service, called CustomOffers.net with his Guru for Hire doing done-for-you work.  It’s is launching to the general public on Monday and it is going CRAZY. NOWHERE on the Internet will an experienced Clickbank Top100 seller actually BUILD you a website and offer like the ones that smash the marketplaces.guru for hire

So Who Is Doing This?

Jamie Lewis  and his team.

Jamie Lewis is one of a kind internet marketer who deploys different techniques to make a multi-millionaire dollar income every year.  He knows his stuff and that means that to stay profitible in the long haul, you have to give honest value.  He does this by teaching usually in a course of some sort.

This time Jamie Lewis is NOT teaching you ANYTHING!

So NO way you’ll get BORED!

jamie lewis guru for hire

What is unique, is that for the first time, he’s opening up Guru for hire from his website Custome Offers which is a done for service. It’s NOT a product.  However He and I should say his trusty ex students, will CREATE a product for you and monetize it on Clickbank and Jvzoo.

What’s so special about Jaime’s Websites?

guru for hire review

Jamie is known for making massive amounts of money from websites he creates. Websites that made him up to $1,200,000 in a month before. He calls them “DIRECT RESPONSE BEHEMOTHS!”
He wants to create more value and something special for clients, and his clients that already hire him for their mega income producing Clickbank and JVzoo offers..

If you join in the next 48 hrs, you have a chance to get your OWN cash pumping offer for a special rate. (ONLY THIS WEEKEND BEFORE LAUNCH)

Enter this code at checkout:  JAMIE500 and watch what happens to your rate!

You can get your own Clickbank offer (Like the big boys) and launch it HERE


Jamie is SLASHING this price for this weekend for YOU.

When we open up http://www.customoffers.net to the general public, there will be a loud noise.
CustomOffers.net Is Not a Product! And it’s no FISHY scheme.
customoffers.net review
JAIME LEWIS has a reputation to HOLD onto!
Think about it!
CustomOffers.net is not an ordinary “product,” but a service where my team builds Clickbank and JVzoo offers, complete with original brand domain, website, graphics, original copy, product, thank you page, autoresponder setup, retailer setup, jv page, awesome american marketer support (All of my guys are ALUMNI students of mine) and we offer our service to your closest students and followers.
Yes, you heard that right..They are going to BUILD your clients an original website and You’ll start making money from their work.

Review on Guru for Hire

Guru for hire is the best kind of the opportunity that you have so that you can get the business that you want to get launched exactly in the way you want online. You get the help of a guru who does all the work you need to do for setting up one website and get that running. This is what the program can provide you with which can make things work really well for you.

You see most Guru’s are sharks.

customoffers.net bonus

But this program is not about sharks, its about gurus.  Well maybe not this one:


 Giving you Custom offers (on your favorite profitable niche) that makes you
It is possible for getting a web based business that is standalone online for a small group of the members involved with and then they also provide coaching on the custom product. This is something as a joint venture where you need to contribute toward project and Jamie Lewis can ensure for getting the whole website created which include the modern graphics and all that needed for making your website get the charm it need.



Besides, copywriting, graphics, you’d probably need to outsource anyways!

What You Get with this Program

guru for hire cost jamie lewis

Guru for hire is the best program that you get so that you enjoy the benefit of having a website of your online business. It can get your online business launched in full fledged manner. It provides you with unique copywriting. It can ensure that the custom website is completely AUTOPILOT.

It ensures that the online business also include the product which has no other competitors online. There is noting that you need to do but just sit back and enjoy all that you get in the form of online business and your own website. This can be considered as opportunity that anyone may dream about and it is just very near to you to grab. There are so many websites out there on internet which are really successful and are reaping the benefits of using guru for hire.

Cost and Pros

Are you worried you’ll be “eh” or feel scammed on  this Guru for Hire thing?

guru for hire cost jamie

Jamie the guru here gets 10K dollars for creating one website. If you think that 10k dollars is huge to invest on a website then the good news for you is that the owners of the websites which were created by Jamie have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from the websites.

This has really secured future of them and ensure that there is no need for them to work again. He has created really awesome websites which are very much profit earning in just five years. He does choose an appealing domain name, uses original graphics and also the site design so that you can do niche testing and also can get the copywriting for you.


It is possible for you to get server setup, fully coordinated niche research, handholding, full copywriting, dedicated assistant, domain concept, search, purchase and register, full graphic design for website etc.

Thats actually worth alot of time and energy and skill.

It requires NINJA SKILLS which is why it costs money!

guru for hire review

It is always possible for you to get all the services you want without any kind of issues or flaws. You get a website in full-fledged form without any issues with the same.

It is really a good way for you to get your online business launched. You need to choose the budget based on what you expect. It is always good to go with the expert advice so that you get a full-fledged website.

GET ON BOARD NOW! >> http://www.customoffers.net/
^^ There you will be able to see all the material on what you are getting! You will also be able to feast your eyes upon banners, and then you can populate your sites and emails with graphical representation! 🙂 Wow!
1. Their team has been building these sites since 2012.
2. Their team consists of Vinny, Isaiah, Matt & Matt, Gina, Kim, Alan, Stephen and Romanoff.
3. Their sites convert insane.
4. They are affordable for what they actually are. This ain’t no non-exclusive babble, this is EXCLUSIVE.
6. They encourage you as students to enter a niche that is close to the heart, to avoid “fakeness.”
7. Jamie Lewis personally oversees the project
8. Gmail chats with all clients Jamie and Vinny CC’d. your clients will feel warm and cozy with us.
9. They joke that they’re like a hippie commune….because they spread the wealth around.
10. Commissions can add up quick. Just TWO sales and you are $100 from 0, lifetime!
***Bonus Fact: Jaime actually does not get paid much  from this offer. The costs go back to you, the team and the designers and writers. So it is a “Good Karma Offer!”
guru for hire cost

Screenshot 2016-01-22 at 5.06.35 PMeverwebinar bonuses

Are you ready to dominate? Then, get a deal too, your $100 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal credit is waiting for you if purchase through my link

Step UNO

buy this GURU FOR HIRE at customoffers.net]

Step DOS

email me, hans at hkgoldstein at gmail.com with reciept of jvzoo purchase.  I will PROMPTLY reply and


you will get your cash back money, you so rightfully deserve after 30 days

ever webinar bonus
THIS IS A HIGH END PRODUCT. $1497 is the purchase price. We recommend that you WATCH the sales video, and talk to me on chat personally if you have questions. You will  have ALOT of questions, and they can be answered from the information on the sales page.
*IMPORTANT: They are also VERY flexible with the offers they create. Sometimes a person is a poison ivy doctor and wants to film his native american tonic on skin. They populate the sales page with their awesome skin video!
(That is actually a true story.)
Check out our sales video here: http://www.customoffers.net/big.php
More on Jamie Lewis
He’s has been building sites since 2004, and building sites for clients since 2009. With experience, and 7 years of site building experience and tons of real life success stories and testimonials for clients, you are sure to enjoy!
He over delivers for his customers each time.
And he has a team for supporting you.
guru for hire bonuses
He usually sells this EXACT service for $1,997.. and he’ll sell it all day long to clients who are ecstatic with the results!  Because he’s a legend who gets results!
Major Discount this week ONLY
guru for hire bonuses
BUT.. for the next THREE days only, you get $1,000 off!Jamie Lewis has already applied a $500 discount to the general public for the next few days.. but because you are an early bird, he want to make this offer irresistible for you.So here’s what Jamie Lewis will do with CustomOffers.net..Between NOW and 8am EST Monday morning Jamie Lewis giving you a coupon code for an ADDITIONAL $500 OFF so that you get more Bang for your Buck when your Guru For Hire is working for you!Yes, that’s $1,000 in total, dropping the price from $1,997 to $997..All you need to do is insert the coupon code ‘JAMIE500’ after you click the button to go to checkout.. insert the code, click “Apply”, and BOOM! The price will go from $1,497 to $997!Go here now to apply JAMIE500 to get an additional $500 off my custom offer service:>> Click here << and  make HISTORYIf you already have an offer produced by yours truly, this is even more up your alley as you are probably more familiar with my site design quality than anyone else, so grab 2 or 3, the sky is the limit!

is Jaime Lewis Scam?

Or is Jaime Lewis a guru for hire bonuses


NOPE! If he was one fish would tell the other fish to stay away from that corral reef!


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